About us

Introduction - About us

We are a family business based on the background of our organic farm located in a small village in the Czech Republic and we are engaged in organic livestock farming. Our main philosophy is to provide the highest quality meat, and therefore our farm is purely organic and eco-friendly, our farming business does not burden environment and landscape excessively. The heart of our farm and its production lies in a picturesque village called Jelcovy Lhotky that is located in Pelhřimov county and is surrounded by virgin nature of Vysočina region. From this place we product organic mature beef of the highest quality with love and family care. Our beef comes from cattle with guaranteed origin, who is born and bred in an organic farm, fed and provided with the best and gentle care which goes fully in compliance with organic livestock farming, and also is given gentle treatment and stress-free slaughter. A relative majority of cattle comes directly from our farm, but due to a large volume of demand we also have a long-term agreement and co-operate with other Czech organic farms that are duly certified. Those farms bred and take care for cattle we thereafter buy from them. Last but not least, with our valuable approach and care that we follow during the entire process of our production we guarantee the highest hygienic standards. Thanks to this philosophy and subsequent practice we supply you with organic matured beef of the highest quality.

Principle and specifications of matured beef:

Leaving meat to mature had significant benefits since a large number of biochemical processes is still going on even after slaughter and this subsequent process affects resulting quality of meat.

This process called ageing of meat (also maturation), when meat is stored and kept at a temperature slightly above freezing point (ideally between 1 and 4°C), improves sensory profile of meat, meat become tender due to releasing of post-mortem stiffness and it also brings quality improvement of meat texture. To sum up, matured meat has a different colour, is more tender, juicy, better in taste and more suitable for consumption.

Vysoký roštěnec

We leave our beef to mature at a temperature of 1°C for 10 to 14 days (dry maturation process) under very strict hygienic and cooling conditions that fully meet all standards and requirements set for production of certified organic food and products. We are under strict and regular veterinary supervision which guarantees the highest hygienic and health quality of our matured beef production. We use the latest technology to guarantee the highest quality so you can then experience the best culinary taste.

Květová špička

Our organic mature beef is source of high-quality and full-value digestible proteins providing all essential amino acids, it is also source of many vitamins (especially group B) and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. It gives us quality and profitable nutrition facts that are needed for proper function of our organism.

Meat from bulls and heifers is considered to be better in profile and taste and has better connective properties than meat from cows, it contains more connective tissue, which affects that meat is more tasty and tender. Therefore, we make meat from the highest quality breeds (charolais and aberdeen angus, limousine and gasconne) up to 30 months of age.

Kostky na guláš

We pack our organic beef in a vacuum packing machine immediately after breaking of meat. After air is sucked out, vacuum bags firmly encircle meat, thanks to which shelf-life of meat is significantly extended when stored properly in cold and dark place. Vacuum packaging is completely harmless and sanitary and is without use of any inert gases. Vacuum-packed meat slightly changes its colour with time. This change is caused by absence of oxygen and does not affect meat quality, on the contrary there is no oxidation of fats and the quality does not decrease.

Falešná svíčková

Before cooking it is necessary to unpack meat from a vacuum bag and let it "inhale" for a little while. After opening meat regains its specific colour and smell. This aroma of vacuum-packed meat is natural and is caused by maturing in a bag. Also, greenish colour of beef juice (not beef meat) is accompanying effect of beef maturity. For later use you can also freeze vacuum-packed meat.

Loupaná plec

Important note

Please note that stronger and specific smell of meat and greenish colour of its juice (not meat) are not signs of spoiled meat, but accompanying effects of meat maturity. When having beef ribs, please check carefully integrity of its package due to the fact that ribs contain sharp edges of bones that could sometimes lead to damage of vacuum plastic package and thus meat could spoil faster. In case you have doubts about quality and/or condition of delivered meat, please contact us immediately. In such case it is proper to photograph meat and keep its label for easier traceability of its origin. We are very grateful for any feedback that allows us to maintain stable quality of our products and satisfied customers.